Monday, September 19, 2016

Lessons in Temptation: Chapter 1

I just wanted to give y'all a quick tease of Lessons in Temptation. So here it is, chapter 1.

Lessons in Temptation
Chloe Maxx, Copyright 2016

Chapter 1

“Is dinner ready?” Doug, my boyfriend, asked as he walked into the room and leaned against the doorframe. I sighed and tossed a pair of shorts in my suitcase. Dana, Lilly, and I were leaving in the morning for a weekend at the beach to celebrate the new job I landed after graduation. I’d be teaching summer school and come August, I’d have a full-time job teaching fifth grade. Turning toward him, I plaster a sweet-as-sin smile on my face.
“No. I was busy packing. Sorry.”
“Damn it, Rebecca, you know I’m always hungry when I get off work.”
Fix it yourself! I shouted in my mind.
“I know. I said I was sorry,” I said aloud as I walked toward him and placed a kiss on his clean-shaven cheek. “I was packing and lost track of time. I’ll go make you something right now.”
"Wait." He grabbed my arm and slowly leaned down before peppering kisses from my wrist to elbow. “You’ll be gone all weekend and I’ll be all alone. Maybe you could satisfy my other hunger before you make something to eat.”
I closed my eyes and leaned into him. I really wished the thought of having sex with Doug appealed to me like it had in the past. We had been living with each other for the past three weeks and everything had changed. It was as if Doug expected me to be a nineteen-fifties housewife. First off, that wasn’t in my nature. And second, I wasn’t his fucking wife. He just moved in with me after I rented my cute, two-bedroom house I found for a steal.
His lips brushed mine and I opened for him, letting his tongue clash against mine. My hands wandered up his chest to his shoulders where I let them rest as he backed us toward the bed and began making quick work of the button on my jeans. Once he had the zipper down, he pushed my jeans down my legs and pressed me up against the bed. My back hit the mattress a second later.
“You’re gorgeous, Rebecca,” Doug mumbled as he took in my bare legs.
I gave him a tight smile. “You’re pretty handsome yourself.” It was true. Doug was handsome, but his personality lately was anything but.
He pushed my shirt up my chest and pulled my bra down, letting my breasts bounce free. His hungry eyes took in my ample chest before lowering to take one nipple into his mouth. I wanted so badly to feel something. Feel a tingle or shiver, or hell, butterflies. Something. Instead, I was counting the minutes until I could get back to packing.
Doug’s mouth popped free and he moved to the left nipple, his hand taking the place of his mouth. Both of my nipples were being stimulated, and peaking, but I still didn’t feel turned on.
Rising up, he unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly, letting his jeans fall. Apparently, I was the only one having an issue getting turned on. Doug’s large dick was standing proud and aimed straight at me.
He didn’t say anything else before lowering his body and taking my lips with his. I kissed him back and readied myself for his entrance.
His cock pressed against me a little before he readjusted and tried again. “Shit, Rebecca.”
Fuck, what do I say? “I…”
“It’s okay,” he said before pulling back and ramming inside me.
“Ahhh,” I cried out, hoping he thought it was a sound of pleasure versus the pain of him shoving his cock in dry. I hated that he wasn’t doing anything for me.
He began thrusting in and out and I held onto his arms, praying he wouldn’t last long.
The pain began to ease and I relaxed a little. Turning my head to the left, my suitcase caught my eye. We were headed to a beach town, so I’d need to make sure I packed sunscreen. And a cute hat.
My eyes went to my open closet and a yellow sundress I had bought a year ago. It would look cute with my new pink flip-flops. Remember to pack it.
“Oh, baby,” Doug moaned and I realized I hadn’t made a noise or moved my arms or legs at all.
“That feels so good,” I lied on a moan, letting my foot travel up to his butt. Doug’s ass was definitely hot. Actually, Doug was a very attractive man with his blond hair, brown eyes, and perfect cheekbones. My problem wasn’t with anything physical.
“Are you close?”
“Yeah,” I moaned again and bucked my hips upward. I felt him begin to shutter and squeezed my inner muscles while calling out his name.
“Yes,” he shouted as he went still and buried his head in my neck. I felt like an awful person, faking an orgasm, but I didn’t want him to know I hadn’t enjoyed any of it.
“I’m going to go cleanup. Why don’t you go get started on dinner?”
“Sure,” I said as I pushed against his chest. He rolled onto his back and I got up, adjusting my bra and shirt.
“You really need to clean the ceiling fan. We’ve lived here for almost a month, Rebecca,” he admonished, sounding like he was my dad and I had forgotten one of my chores.
“I’ll get right on that. Or you could do it yourself,” I pointed out and zipped up my jeans before storming out of the room, making a beeline for the kitchen to cook him some fucking food.
“This isn’t my house. You’re the one who rented it, you should be the one to keep it clean,” he said, following behind me.
I stopped in my tracks and whipped my head around. “You’re living here rent free,” I walked closer to him and shoved my finger toward his chest, “and I really don’t even remember asking you to move in. You just did and now you think you can treat me like the maid.”
“I do not!” He rested a hand on his hip as his brown eyes hardened.
“Yes, you do!” I was getting angrier by the second. “I pay for this fucking house. I was the one who saved up during college so I could afford it, while you spent all of your money on beer, and if I want my house to look like a fucking pig pen, I can!”
I stormed around him, yelling, “Make your own damn food,” before stomping back to my bedroom and locking the door behind me. I wasn’t sure if I had ever been this mad at him. In fact, I knew I hadn’t. I had been letting my anger build up over the last month.
Taking a few calming breaths, I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water, deciding to take a bubble bath and relax a little before I finished packing. I added the bath salts and bubbles, then waited for the tub to fill.
I faintly heard Doug trying to yell something from the hallway outside the bedroom, but I blocked it out and sank into the water. He could go fuck himself for all I cared. I leaned my head onto the back of the tub and closed my eyes. Maybe this girl’s trip was exactly what I needed—what Doug and I needed. We could spend some time apart and by the time I arrived home, we’d both miss each other so much, we could return to how it used to be. How it was when we lived separately.
After the water turned cold, I got out and dried off, then wrapped my silk robe around me. It always made me feel sexy.
I packed the rest of my clothes and toiletries, then decided to call my sister, Alex.
“Hi,” she answered on the second ring.
“Hey. Are you busy?”
“I’m at work, but I needed a break. What’s up?”
I lay my head back on my pillow. “It’s seven-thirty. Why are you still at work? Shouldn’t you be at home with that cute husband of yours?”
“Caleb had to work late, too,” she sighed. “Or, at least, that’s what he told me.”
“What does that mean?” I was really hoping she wasn’t having problems in her relationship too.
“I think he might be cheating on me.”
I sat up. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
“No.” I heard some clicking in the background. “I’m beginning to think it’s me. Well…I know it’s me.”
“What do you mean? If he is cheating, that is not your fault. It’s his fault for being a fucking asshole.”
“Oh, Bec. You don’t understand,” she began. “You know as well as I do I never really got over Javier. I haven’t been a very good wife to Caleb. He deserves better.”
“Whatever,” I replied. Javier was her ex-boyfriend from college. He also happened to be her professor.
“I think I have ‘cheat on me’ tattooed on my forehead. First Javier and now Caleb.”
I bit the inside of my cheek as I absorbed everything. “Do you have proof he’s cheating?”
“No. He’s just been working late a lot.”
“You can’t go off of that. You’re at work late, too. You always are.”
“True,” she inhaled. “You know I’m just paranoid.”
“I bet that’s all it is. And if not, I’ll come over there and rip his balls off.”
We both laughed. “I better get back to work so I can finish up. Maybe I’ll call Caleb and see if he can meet me at home and I’ll surprise him with some sexy time.”
“Okay,” I replied, really hoping she was wrong about Caleb cheating.
“Oh, hey, how is everything with Doug? Has he stopped treating you like the housekeeper in a house he lives in for free?”
I laughed. “Um, no. In fact, we got into a huge fight about it and now I’m locked up in the bedroom packing for my trip.”
“That’s crazy. He used to be so…nice.”
“I know.”
“Well, go have fun on your trip and call me when you get back.”
We said goodbye and I lay back on the mattress. Maybe all guys were jerks. Maybe they just can’t keep it hidden when you live together. That had to be the reason I never saw this coming with Doug and why Alex was having problems in her marriage.
Shaking my head, I pulled my PJs out of my drawer and changed. I really didn’t feel like dealing with Doug anymore tonight and needed to wake up early. I’d just call it a night and get some sleep.
After slipping under the covers, I contemplated unlocking the door so Doug could come to bed later, but decided against it. He deserved to sleep on the couch. Dick.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lessons in Temptation Release Date

Hi everyone!

It's been forever since I blogged.

But... I wanted to make sure that you knew the release date for Lessons in Temptation. It will release October 17th! So get ready by adding it to your Goodreads!

I mean just look at that cover!!! BT Urruela and Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs joined forces and created an amazing cover!

Here is the synopsis in case you missed it over on Facebook.


My name is Rebecca Wilson and I’m an awful person.

My life was good.
Or, at least, it was to the outside world.


He was so alluring.
It was only supposed to be one night of fun, then I’d go back home to my boyfriend and new job, never to see him again.
Of course, life had other plans—plans to throw him, along with his little sister, back into my path and tempt me to change my soul forever.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lessons of the Past: New Cover


I had a new cover made for Lessons of the Past. Don't get me wrong, I loved the other cover. But this is a sexy book and needs a sexy cover. So without further ado, I give you the new cover...


Monday, July 27, 2015

Cover Reveal: Lessons of the Past

Check out the cover for my debut Lessons of the Past! I'm very excited!

They say karma is a bitch.
And I'd agree--I had lived it.

I had an affair with a married man. I couldn't stop it, couldn't control it. The only problem was that, I, of course, wanted more, and he couldn't give it to me.

Life moved on, I thought I'd moved on, but karma came back and destroyed it all.

My husband fell in love with his secretary, and I was left trying to figure out if love was even real.

I wanted to believe it was. I was almost positive I never stopped loving the one man I couldn't have. But...what if I could have him? What if he wasn't as off-limits as I had thought?
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lessons of the Past: My Debut Novel


I just added my debut erotica novel, Lessons of the Past, to Goodreads. Click HERE to add it to your TBR list.

Check out the synopsis and come back for the cover reveal!


They say karma is a bitch.
And I'd agree--I had lived it.

I had an affair with a married man. I couldn't stop it, couldn't control it. The only problem was that, I, of course, wanted more, and he couldn't give it to me.

Life moved on, I thought I'd moved on, but karma came back and destroyed it all.

My husband fell in love with his secretary, and I was left trying to figure out if love was even real.

I wanted to believe it was. I was almost positive I never stopped loving the one man I couldn't have. But...what if I could have him? What if he wasn't as off-limits as I had thought?